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Welcome to our Unity Partnership page

Whether you’re a small practice hoping to establish a relationship with a charity or a corporate business searching for the right CSR project for your team, becoming a Bridge2Aid Unity Partner is your opportunity to have an impact on the millions of people currently living with no access to safe emergency dental care in east Africa.

samwelPeople like 14 year old Joseph, from the Geita district in Tanzania, who struggled at school because his debilitating toothache made it difficult to sleep, and therefore concentrate on his work. Because of the lack of access to safe treatment, Joseph lived with pain for two long years. A 2 hour walk to Nyangw’ale Health Centre following Bridge2Aid’s dental training programme resulted in safe treatment and a restored smile for Joseph, but there are still millions more that remain in pain.

By sponsoring a Health Worker’s training in emergency dental care, or contributing to the sponsorship of a Health Worker’s training, Unity Partners can be sure that their practice or business is making a lasting change for thousands of people whilst generating tangible benefits.

Develop your profile, inspire your team, outclass the competition and strengthen your brand by choosing one of our Unity Partner packages:

  • Bronze Unity Partnership: A £500 contribution towards the training of a Health Worker.
  • Silver Unity Partnership: A £1500 payment to cover half the cost of training one Health Worker.
  • Gold Unity Partnership: A £3000 payment to sponsor the training of one Health Worker.

To find out more about joining Bridge2Aid as a Unity Partner please email us here or call us: 0845 850 9877. We’d be delighted to hear from you.