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What if..?

What if your child had toothache, and no hope of help?

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Toothache is excruciating, debilitating and constant.

It’s a disease that effects more people than any other, and yet more than 70% of the world lives without access to any kind of help when it strikes.

Dental caries which causes toothache, is a disease that ‘hides in the open’. It’s so obvious that many of us in developed countries don’t even think about it. Yet it is the world’s most common disease, and if not treated, complications can and do lead to death.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAccess to a simple extraction would save millions of people each month from the daily agony that the disease causes. But a lack of trained dental workers, particularly in rural areas of developing countries, makes this impossible. We can change this – by training local health workers already based in villages to extract teeth and relieve pain.

And it works – over the past 10 years we have demonstrated success in both Tanzania and Rwanda, making access to treatment available to over 3 million people.